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Encino therapist offers individual, marriage and family therapy services.

About Vanessa Bell, Ph.D.
Dr. Bell is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Encino California.

Therapy Services
Offers individual therapy, marriage counseling and couples therapy, relationship issues, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, dream analysis, unblocking creativity, dealing with loss, divorce recovery, life transitions, anxiety and stress management, parenting issues and procrastination problems.

Problems & Disorders
Help with relationship problems, finding the right mate, creativity, depression, self esteem, phobias, trauma, anxiety and stress, anger management, procrastination and assertiveness.

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy
Marriage counseling or couples therapy issues.

Surviving the Affair
Finding that you've been cheated on by your spouse can turn your world upside down.

Creating Positive Self-Esteem
Low self-esteem is always linked to depression and difficulty feeling in control of one’s life. It leads to marital and relationship problems.

Divorce Recovery
Divorce issues.

Questions About Family Therapy
Provides questions and answers about therapy and treatment services.

Making Your Marriage/Relationship Better Using Marriage Counseling or Couples Therapy
Marriage counseling or couples therapy is for you to achieve greater trust, happiness and pleasure in your relationship.

Examples of Therapy
Insight into different issues and treatment.

Current family therapy news topic.

Internet Resources
Websites offering additional useful information about therapy and treatment.

Office Policies
Our policies and general information.

Contact Us
Contact, location and office information.

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