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Surviving the Affair

Finding that you've been cheated on by your spouse can turn your world upside down. Read about Surviving the Affair.

Creating Positive Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is always linked to depression and difficulty feeling in control of one’s life. It leads to marital and relationship problems. Read about Creating Positive Self-Esteem.

Life Transitions

Life transitions, though sometimes difficult, give us the opportunity to find new inner direction and engage in a process of self-renewal. Here are some guidelines to make the journey more rewarding.

Give yourself enough time to orient yourself to the new reality. This can be a time for reflection and self-discovery, before starting new projects and activities.

Hold on to those parts of your life that still provide you comfort and security. When people feel safe they are able to accomplish new tasks required of them. If your transition involves a job loss, find temporary work until you discover what you want to do over the long run. If you have lost a relationship, hold on to the friends who comfort you.

Tolerate discomfort. Expect to experience anxiety and insecurity. These are temporary natural feelings that are a part of transition. Trust your ability to find your way through the experience. Realize that alcohol and drugs will ultimately undermine your ability.

Take care of yourself. Make sure your diet is healthy and that you get a normal amount of sleep. Exercising daily or taking a brisk walk is helpful in lifting feelings of depression.

Find the support that you need. Use the support of a trained professional therapist who can guide you through the transition in a safe and encouraging setting. This is a time to explore your own feelings and creatively discover your inner resources.

Read about Life Transitions Therapy Service

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

Read about Making Your Marriage/Relationship Better Using Marriage Counseling or Couples Therapy

Read about Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

Divorce Recovery

Read about Divorce Recovery




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